Music Teacher

Company Name:
Mosaica Education
Job Title Music Teacher
Date Posted 7/25/2014
Location Pontiac, MI
Job Type Full-Time Regular
Job Description
Position Summary: To serve as a(K-12) Music Teacher. Teaching will include practicaltechnique and associated aural, theory and musical appreciation skills.
Required Education/Skills: Degree in Music Education or related discipline. Current MDE license with Music Education endorsement and "Highly Qualified" designation. Must demonstrate competency in all areas of content responsibility and be computer literate. Highly prefer candidates with experience teaching in an inner-city/urban environment.
Needs to demonstrate the ability to:
Communicate through superior written and oral communications skills.
Exhibit a high caliber of expertise in subject matter.
Work on multiple projects and respond to requests and deadlines in an accurate, timely manner.
Make sound decisions within the parameters of authority.
Be courteous, professional and tactful at all times.
Maintain a positive working relationship with faculty, staff, board members, parents, students and community.
Motivate and create a shared vision within the school community.
Be respected as an adult learner and as an individual.
Serve as a role model who acknowledges through actions and behaviors the critical value of human relationships in achieving personal and professional goals and organizational purpose.
Primary Tasks:
Share a commitment to the success of the mission, goals, and objectives of the School
Support and fully participate in a school culture that focuses on student and learning and achievement.
Set high expectations and standards for the achievement of students and own personal performance.
Offer content and instruction that ensures student achievement of school's academic standards.
Characteristic Duties and Performance Standards:(Essential)
1. Accept responsibility for the achievement of students.
2. Guide the learning process toward achievement of curriculum goals and implementation of personal learning plans of students.
3. Demonstrate effective planning and organization for instruction by: having lesson plans available at least one week in advance to assist in case of absence; taking attendance as required; tracking and submitting grades accurately and on time; keeping classroom organized, neat and attractive at all times.
4. Plan and organize resources for lessons as appropriate to the student.
5. Motivate students to achieve at their highest level of ability and potential through classroom activities, assignments, relationships, participation and feedback; set high expectations; and demonstrate sensitivity to different learning styles.
6. Use creative instructional methods and procedures and adapt effectively to unusual situations.
7. Use resources effectively to support learning activities in the classroom, the school, and the community.
8. Demonstrate exceptional classroom techniques which include: the art of questioning, clarity of assignments, communication in large and small groups and with individual students in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Adapt lesson resources and tailor teaching methods to the needs of the individual student.
9. Provide a varied and enjoyable range of activities to further the student's musical and technical abilities, and to inspire them to play or sing outside lesson time. These activities will vary from pupil to pupil(for example, young children respond well to musical games), but they will allcontribute to an increased level of musicianship
10.Demonstrate genuine concern for students in a climate characterized by high personal and student expectations.
a classroom atmosphere based on the principles of firm, fair, and consistent practices.
12.Use technology effectively for instruction, record keeping and other administrative tasks, and communications
ones' self according to professional, ethical principles. Continually strive to improve classroom methods, teaching techniques, and interpersonal relationships. Adhere to all school policies for both students and personnel.
14.Display personal qualities that reflect favorably upon the individual, the group, and the school.
15.Identify and participate in professional development opportunities.
and document parent conferences as directed by the school CAO.
17.Be familiar with and support school administration in the effective implementation of the school's Emergency Response Plan.
18.Adhere to all procedures and policies as outlined in the Employee Manual.
19.Adhere to all procedures and policies as outlined in the Employee Manual.

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