Power Inverter Technical Specialist Job

Company Name:
General Motors
Power Inverter Technical Specialist-POW0002358
Responsible for execution of requirements and detail design of Power and digital circuits and circuit boards where creativity and initiative are involved as well as high level of independent judgment.
Designs include worst case analysis (WCA), specification compliance, DFMEA, simulation, bench test, design for EMC, end of line test development and validation planning.
Coordinate and integrate gate drive board and power stage into inverter assembly and provide interface to Hybrid Control architecture.
Develop engineering designs and generate technical solution for advanced and production solutions.
Assist in planning design completion dates and complete designs to planned timing
Design transition to design release organization
Technical support to Design Release Engineer.
Circuit Design for Inverter and Dual Inverter digital Controller
Constraint driven PCB solutions.
Perform Design for Six Sigma analysis as a decision tool for design trade-off activities and decision making.
Stay abreast of new technology and competitive products
Ensures seamless communication between sub-system groups
Mentors other Design engineer and provide technical direction to ECAD designer.
Required Qualifications:
Masters/PHD Degree in EE or equivalent experience
15-20 years electrical circuit design experience
Extensive experience in controller, gate drive design, power stage, smoothing capacitor and bias supply design.
Extensive experience in lab testing and verifying functionality of circuit boards and inverter as on in a lab and dyne.
Design and working knowledge of inverter and converter system
High level of project management skills and presentation skills.
Extensive knowledge of film capacitor technology.
Extensive experience in silicon sizing and loss calculations and measurement.
Working knowledge of automotive systems
Demonstrated ability to work independently
Knowledge of advanced power modules and benchmarking of competitor power modules.
Extensive experience with IPC standards
Excellent oral and written communication skill
Ability to troubleshoot and problem solve
High level of interpersonal skills to work effectively with others
Preferred Qualifications:

Experience using thermal imaging or other advanced methods in measuring IGBT and Diode temperatures.
Experience using Cadence schematic capture software
Extensive experience using Cadence in circuit board routing and manufacture
Experience with circuit board manufacture
Extensive experience in determining power loss data for input to thermal analysis
Working knowledge of APQP, DFMEA, PFMEA, quality standard, PPAP, cost tracking.
Experience with the following CAD/CAE tools:
SIMULINK simulation tool
SIMPLORER system/circuit simulation tool
Orcad schematic capture
Primary Location: US-MI-Pontiac
Posting Date: : Aug 20, 2014, 8:56:48 AM - Ongoing
Job: Engineering
Req ID: POW0002358
Date: Wed, 20 08 2014 00:00:00 GMT
Country: US
State: MI
City: Pontiac
Postal Code: 48340
Locale: en_US

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