Associate Director for Grantee Programs

Job Mission:
To oversee the early childhood education of all children ensuring a safe, engaging, and secure learning environment necessary to succeed in school and later in life.
Performance Standards:
Provide overall administration of the grantee program, including supervision of staff, and assist in the development of program procedures.
Monitor grantee program to ensure compliance with Head Start Performance Standards.
Collaborate with Content Area Associate Directors to ensure continuity of services.
Monitor child outcomes and classroom quality (PQA,CLASS) for assigned sites. Collaborate with the Deputy Director to make strategic, programmatic, and curricular decisions based on a variety of data in order to achieve school readiness for all children.
BA/BS Degree in either Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, with an emphasis in Child Development or Early Childhood Education, or related field. Advanced degree is preferred.
Minimum of three (3) years experience required in education, community organization, counseling, compensatory education programs, training of staff and community groups, or a combination. Head Start experience required.
At least three (3) years experience required in supervising staff.
Licenses required: Valid Michigan drivers license and reliable transportation.
Hours and Wage
$892.80 per week
40 hours per week; 52 weeks per year
plus full benefit and retirement

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